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Since its foundation in 1935, this traditional Japanese restaurant, SUMAYA, has received lots of love from local people. And now its 4th owner holds cooking classes for foreigners. We adjust our recipe to make it slightly easier and more adaptable so that our customers can cook them after they go back to their countries. We teach the core of washoku by cooking 4 kinds of Japanese dishes and having small tea ceremony. Customers will surely enjoy the lectures and conversation with the instructor and learn more about the world of washoku.


2Having as our theme ‘to offer special experience that will always remain in memory,’ we provide a great deal of culture and art experience, and sightseeing  programs that are unique to Kyoto among both  local and foreign tourists. There are wide selections of our original programs that suit our customers’ needs, such as menu for a group tour, as well.


onozomi.com_squareThis is our tourist information website that introduces recommended tourist spots  and experience programs all over Japan to foreign tourists. Our staffs will provide up-to-date and reliable information. Our website supported both English and Chinese. If tickets are needed, we can arrange them on our customers’ behalf and deliver them to our customer’s home or hotel to make sure their trip goes smoothly. In addition, we also update variety of interesting articles for the enjoyment of our customers.