Maiko Performance in a no entry restaurant



In this plan, you can gained access to a no entry restaurant, which normal people cannot enter without prior introduction, and enjoy Maiko performance and talk with Maiko, while enjoying the good-tasted dinner in Kyoto Gion at the same time.

*Maiko is apprentice Geisha, an artist who excels in singing, dancing, arts, etc.


About 3 hours, but Maiko will stay for around 1hour and half.




JPY20, 000(before 8% tax) for cuisine fee and beverage fee per. person


Maiko and two Geigi for JPY90, 000.

For instance:

In the case of 2 people, it will be

20,000+90,000/2=65,000 per person.

For 3 people, it will be

20,000+90,000/3=50,000 per person.

【Number of participant】

At least two.

*However, it will cost a great amount of money if there are only few people. In this kind of case, we recommend you to take a consideration about {Kyoto cuisine and Maiko’s performance} event. This event is held in Gion as well, but you will watch the maiko’s performance with other group of people. This event charges JPY.20, 000 per. person. Please inquire us for more information.