[Kyoto’s kitchen] guide in Kyoto center fish market

Nishiki Market

credit: [cipher]@flickr


This is a place where every Kyoto chefs comes every morning. It is located near the port, which is the center of all kind of groceries market. It is originally un-opened to normal customers, but now it is especially open only for this plan, where you will be introduced by a tour guide who got is expert in this area. During in the tour, you can try fresh sashimi (Japanese raw fish slide) and after this tour, you will have lunch in a sushi restaurant in the market where you can try all kind of sushi made local fishes which were caught here!

*This plan does not offer transportation.


About 2 hours


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, from 9a.m.


JPY12, 000 per. person (before 8% tax)

* Including JPY2, 000 sushi lunch and Sashimi

【Number of participant】

At least two