Sushi lesson in real sushi restaurant


credit: Sushi Cooking School Australia


This is a lesson that you can have sushi making experience in person from professional sushi chef. At the meantime, you can also get the chance to dress in formal sushi chef clothes and take your memory photos behind the sushi counter. It will be a pleasurable experience to learn how hard it is to make sushi by yourself, and you will know how amazing sushi chefs are.

(The designated restaurant is a famous Conveyor Belt sushi restaurant in Kyoto Kawahara-machi Sancho. Recommended for foreign tourists.)


Kyoto Kawahara-machi Sancho

*In the case of more than 10 people, the class could be held at the place of your choice.

Please inform us in advance.


1hour ~ 1hour and half *adjustable upon request


Monday to Friday, after 3 p.m. only

Only accept one reservation per. day.


In the case of 2 people, JPY12, 000 per. person (before 8% tax)

3 people, JPY8, 000 per. person (before 8% tax)

4people, JPY6, 000 per. person (before 8% tax)

*Maximum: around 20 people

*One person’s portion of sushi, red miso soup, and steamed egg custard are included

*Translator has to be reserved

【Number of participant】

At least two