“Borrowing” Sushi chief and sushi lesson at home


credit: robbainphotography & Coconuts Singapore


This is a prorgram that you can ‘borrow’ sushi chef from a famous sushi restaurant in Kyoto to your place and make sushi in front of you! Highly recommended to client who do not want to go to restaurant, and the client who want to enjoy sushi in their own place.


Hotel or place of your choice


1 hour ~ 1hour and half

*adjustable upon request


Everyday. However, need to be reserved as soon as possible.


2 people for JPY60, 000 (before 8% tax),, JPY30, 000 per person (before 8% tax))

                                          4people or more, JPY20, 000 per person (before 8% tax)

【Number of Participant】

At least two.